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Horizon 2020/Background

„Promoting gender equality in science and innovation is a commitment of the Union. In Horizon 2020, gender will be addressed as a cross-cutting issue in order to rectify imbalances between women and men and to integrate a gender dimension in research and innovation programming and content” (Council Decision 2013/743/EU)

The goal, on the one hand, is to include women and men (female/male cell cultures/knock-out mice, etc.) in the research content throughout the project and, on the other hand, to achieve equality of women and men as scientists. Equal opportunity currently means the specific promotion of women until equality is achieved. Both on the level of project personnel (team composition, management, capacity, working conditions) and on the level of the project content measures and strategies for promoting equality and including both sexes are to be demonstrated.

Decisive topics included in Horizon 2020 are the identification and elimination of hurdles for women in the field of personnel development as well as the development of equality indicators and gender equality plans (GEPs). The GMT is a preparatory step toward these future challenges and thus gives a head start to young scientists at the Medical University of Innsbruck.

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