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Gender Monitoring Tool

Gender Medicine and Equality-relevant Contents in Grant Applications


What is the gender monitoring tool (GMT)?



  • The gender monitoring tool (GMT) is an instrument that permits the compulsory gender-specific and equality-relevant standards to be incorporated into grant applications quickly, in a structured manner and in agreement with the European quality criteria.
  • The GMT is structured as a building block and is based on the legal regulations, current research on equality and the guidelines of the European Commission; it is to be supplemented with or adapted for the specific research content of your project.

Why is it necessary?



  • The European funding environment is very competitive. By integrating this cross-cutting topic, you will improve your project’s chances of obtaining funding.
  • The GMT covers all necessary Gender Medicine and equality-relevant aspects and gives a clear structure. It thus stands for professionalism and quality.
  • For medical scientists the gender monitoring tool provides know-how from outside the discipline that is necessary for obtaining grants. This know-how covers equality, personnel development, team and organization structure as well as methodology. The next step is to tailor the building blocks for your specific project. This will help you in your work on the particular chapters of the grant application.
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